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December 10, 2020

Fabulous Photos Show Fashion Styles of Young Women in the Mid-19th Century

In the mid-19th century, extra flounces were added to skirts and women wore a short over-skirt in day dressing. Skirts widened as the hourglass silhouette became the popular look, and women took to wearing layers of petticoats. Bodices took on a V shape and the shoulder dropped more. These dresses in soft colors could be refreshed with detachable white collars and cuffs.

Evening wear exposed the shoulders and neckline and corsets lost their shoulder straps. Sleeves of ball gowns were usually short. Although women wore what we call dresses, many of these costumes were actually a separate bodice and skirt.

Women’s hair was generally worn long, caught up in a chignon or bun. Crimping became popular in the early 1870s. Throughout the Victorian period, women wore false hair pieces and extensions as well as artificial flowers such as velvet pansies and roses, false leaves, and beaded butterflies often combined into intricate and beautiful headpieces.

The look for women in Victorian days was very pale skin occasionally highlighted with a smidge of rouge on the cheeks.

Take a look at these fabulous photos to see what young women’s fashion styles looked like from the mid-19th century.


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