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December 18, 2020

Fabulous Portrait Photos of Victorian Actresses

Victorian actresses showed that it was possible for women to make a living as actresses. The lifestyles and methods of acting of Victorian actresses made the way for the actresses of today, and also helped make equality possible for women in all professions.

Beautiful portraits of Victorian actresses

Actresses were often looked down upon as they chose a career instead of devoting their time to home-making. The conditions and beliefs of those living in these times shaped the Victorian theater.

In the 19th century, an actress’ lifestyle differed greatly from that of a successful actress today. In those days being an actress was not a glamorous job, and a thing such as comfort was unknown.

Minor actresses had to take up whatever roles they were given in order to gain visibility so that they could rise to the top. They had to be assertive in order to get what they wanted, and also had to be flexible and patient.

Here below is a collection of fabulous vintage photos that shows beautiful portraits of Victorian actresses.

Madame Marie Roze-Perkins (1846-1926), circa 1870s

Miss Ada Cavendish (1839-1895), circa 1860s

Miss Belle Bilton (1867-1906), circa 1880s

Miss Carlisle

Miss Caroline Hill (1850-after 1920), circa 1870s

Miss Ellen "Nellie" Farren (1848-1904), circa 1870s

Miss Ellen Terry (1847-1928), circa 1870s

Miss Ethel Irving (1869–1963), circa 1890s

Miss Evelyn Mary Millard (1869-1941), circa late 1890s

Miss Helen Barry (1840-1904), 1876

Miss Irene Vanbrugh (1872-1949), circa 1890s

Miss Jessie Vokes (1848–1884), 1875

Miss L. Henderson, circa 1876

Miss Lilian Adelaide Neilson (1848-1880), circa 1860s

Miss May Fortescue (1859-1950), circa 1880s

Miss Minnie Walton (c. 1852-1879), 1876

Miss Paulina Clarissa Molony (1878-1964), known professionally as Saharet, circa 1890s

Miss Rose Leclercq (1843-1899), circa 1870

Miss Rosina Vokes (1854-1894), 1876

Miss Sarah Edith Wynne (1842-1897), circa 1870s

Miss Vi Cameron

Miss Victoria Vokes (1850-1894), 1875

Mrs. Arthur Lewis, née Kate Terry (1844-1924), 1876

Mrs. Clara Marion Jessie Rousby, née Dowse (1848–1879), 1876

Mrs. S. Lane

Sarah Jane Woolgar, Mrs. Alfred Mellon (1824-1909), circa 1860s


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