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December 13, 2020

Harmony Presents the Twiggy Book of Knitting Machine Patterns (1970)

“Most of the styles in this book are just what I like to wear myself and you will notice that the sweaters are really clingy. To get this really clingy look we have allowed for just the right amount of stretch and you will see from the measurement charts at the end of the patterns that the sweaters themselves are much smaller than the actual bust size. Well, this is the way I like them and I’m thrilled to bits because this is the first time I have been able to get knitting patterns to fit like these do. I realise, however, that some of you may prefer not to feel as if you have been poured into your clothes! If so, make a size larger or adjust the tension ever so slightly (a half-stitch less to every 2 ins will be enough).

“I found it much easier to go through the pattern before I started knitting and mark the stitches for my size and sometimes, where you have to remember a pattern stitch and shapings at the same time, I even wrote out a list of the row numbers on which shapings have to be worked. It takes a few minutes extra in the beginning, but it saved me an awful lot of mistakes in the end. Another thing I found a great help was always to wax the yarn. This makes the yarn flow more smoothly and often makes it more economical in use.

“Coming back to that question of tension it is important to get it right regardless of which machine you have, and nearly all the patterns can be knitted on most makes of machine. The tension numbers have not generally been given as there are so many different machines it would be impossible to cover them all, and in any case individual machines sometimes vary so that tension numbers at best are only a guide. You will notice in fact that the lacy dress, which can only be made on one particular make of machine has tension numbers given, but these are really only a guide and may have to be varied to achieve the correct tension. My mum says the Dress and Cardigan shown on pages 17 and 24 are great, so I hope one way or another there will be something here for all us girls!”

I hope you enjoy knitting these,
Your ever,

(Images scanned by Sweet Jane from The Twiggy Book of Knitting Machine Patterns published in 1970. A 24 page catalogue consisting of knitting patterns with accompanying photographs for 11 outfits. All photographs of Twiggy by Justin de Villeneuve)


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