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February 8, 2021

Handguns for Women – Savage Arms Co. Ad for the Savage Automatic (1914)

Here’s a vintage gun ad that shows an era in which things have changed for the better, for women and guns. Women are one of the fastest-growing demographics in the sporting community and there are lots of highly skilled female shooters out there.

There are many great self-defense handguns for women today, many of which are specifically built and marketed for women. Can you imagine the reaction women shooters would have if a gun company made an advertisement for a gun marketed for them that referred to women as helpless, dangerous, or hysterical?

Again, let’s take a closer look at the hyperbolic, chauvinistic copy:

Is Your Wife Helpless or Dangerous –– in these times when more idlers make more brutes and thugs?

These times make more idlers. More idlers mean more brutes and thugs. Brutes and thugs break your house; shock your wife into permanent hysteria and mark your children with a horrible fear for life.

Give your wife the solid assurance of a Savage Protector that she knows she can aim as easy as pointing her finger. That shoots lighting quick at each crook of her finger. That checks the vicious degenerate and heartless criminal.

Fathers, it is your serious duty in these times to arm your home by day and by night with a Savage Automatic –– the one arm which every brute and thug fears. They fear its ten lightning shots vs. the 6 or 8 of other makes; they fear the novice’s power to aim it as easy as pointing your finger. Therefore take pains that you get the Savage –– the one the brutes and thugs fear.

As harmless as a kitten around the house, because it is the only automatic that tells by glance or touch whether loaded or empty.

Take home a Savage today. Or at least send us your information.

Arthur William Savage of Utica, New York, first established The Savage Arms Company in 1894. Savage is perhaps most notorious for his 1897 invention of the lever action rifle, the Savage Model 99. This particular gun remained in production until 1999. Savage also invented the removable box magazine in 1908, as an improvement to the Model 99 firearm. This detachable box magazine is used in most military firearms, though it did not hit the firearm industry’s mainstream until the patent expired in 1942.

Additionally, Savage also invented the rotary magazine, which allowed shooters to see how many cartridges remained. He also invented the first mass-manufactured hammerless rifle, which used a firing pin rather than a hammer. Such firing pins were included on the Model 95 and Model 99 guns. The firing pin was a vast improvement in the firearms industry because they accelerated much faster, thus prohibiting any tremors of the shooter to affect the point of aim.

Savage Arms Company produced more than 200,000 copies of the diminutive Savage Automatic Pistol – a.k.a. Model 1907 – between 1908 and 1920.

Lewis machine guns, used in World War I, the Model 24 combination gun, Thompson submachine guns, which was used in World War II, the Model 24 .22/.410 combo guns and the Model 94 single barrel shotgun were all noteworthy guns produced by Savage Arms. Most recently the company developed the AccuTrigger and Accustock.


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