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December 15, 2020

Ludwig Hohlwein: The Munich Poster King

Born in Wiesbaden, Ludwig Hohlwein (1874–1949) was a German poster artist, a pioneer of the Sachplakat style. He trained and practiced as an architect in Munich until 1911, when he moved to Berlin and switched to poster design.

Posters designed by Ludwig Hohlwein

Hohlwein was born in the Rhine-Main region of Germany, though he and his work are associated with Munich and Bavaria in southern Germany. He travelled to the United States in the 1920s to conduct commercial work. A large portion of his work dates to 1912-1925.

Hohlwein was one of the best illustrators of early century. His style usually consists of sharply defined forms, bright colors, a good portion of humor and textured patterns.

By 1925, Hohlwein had already designed 3000 different advertisements. His work was also part of the art competitions at the 1932 Summer Olympics and the 1936 Summer Olympics.

Here below is a photo set of amazing posters designed by Ludwig Hohlwein from between the 1900s and 1920s.

Winter in Bayern, 1907

Hermann Scherrer sportswear, circa 1907



Coffee Hag, 1913

Intimes Theater, 1913

The poster, 1913

Casanova Cigarettes, circa 1920

Chocolate, 1920

Hackerbräu-Munich Beer, circa 1920

Mercedes, circa 1920

Otto Landauer, 1920

Riquet Pralinen, circa 1920

Shaving Soap Kaloderma, circa 1920

Spring in Wiesbaden, 1920

The song of Munich, circa 1920

Spaten-Bräu München, 1924

Marco Polo Tea, 1925

Stocking House Wiesbaden, 1925

Wear Jewelry - You Will Win, 1925

Busch Opernglaser Feldstecker Sportglaser, 1926

Casanova Cigarettes, 1926

Ernst Leitz Wetzlar Leica Small Camera, circa 1926

Igeha Cacao, 1926

Marco Polo Tee, 1926

Pethal Gold-Creme, 1926

Riquet Tea, 1926

Riquet Tea, 1926

Sulima cigarettes, 1926

Victoria Bicycle, 1926

For good dress the good umbrella, 1927

Summer in Germany, 1927

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