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December 19, 2020

35 Fascinating Photos Capture Street Scenes of Okinawa in the Early 1970s

Okinawa Prefecture is a prefecture of Japan located on the Ryukyu Islands with a geographic area of 2,280 km² (880 sq mi). Naha is its capital and largest city, with other major cities including Okinawa, Uruma, and Urasoe.

Okinawa Prefecture encompasses two thirds of the Ryukyu Islands, including the Okinawa, Daitō and Sakishima groups, extending 1,000 kilometres (620 mi) southwest from the Satsunan Islands of Kagoshima Prefecture to Taiwan. Okinawa Prefecture’s largest island, Okinawa Island, is the smallest, and southernmost of the Japan's main islands and home to a majority of the population.

Okinawa Prefecture’s indigenous ethnic group are the Ryukyuan people, who also live in the Amami Islands of Kagoshima Prefecture.

These fascinating color photos were taken by Jim Roger Webb that show street scenes of Okinawa from 1970 to 1972.

East West Gift Shop

Baby in the car

Bingata production line

Burned cars

Bus driver

Candy market

Cute little girls

Doll factory

Doll making factory

Flower lady

Fresh meat

Fresh octopus and squid at Kokusai market seafood

Glass factory. Huge mountain of unsorted soda bottles, soon to be recycled into something beautiful

Glass factory. Wrapping up the finished product

Kokusai poultry market

Living dolls

Naha Civil Air Terminal

Naha. A group of girls in their school uniforms walking on Kokusai Street

Naha. Kokusai Dori Street

Naha. Wakamatsu Street

Naha. Wakamatsu Street

Naha. Wakamatsu Street

Nakagusuku Castle walls

Ryukyuan dancers at Obon Festival

Somebody important (presumably)

Somewhere in Naha

Standard day-to-day dress for the Okinawan business men

Street musician

The beautiful bride and her bridesmaids

The gardener

The groom and his family

The women of Wakamatsu

Three wheeling

Todoroki Waterfall

Watching under a blazing sun at Obon Festival


  1. Brings back many good memories from when I served with 62d MP Company, Camp Sukiran 1972/1974!

    1. I was there at the same time. I Worked at Evans Dispensary as a medic. Went across the street to the Ebb Tide NCO club a few times. And lived at the barracks kitty corner from there. Camp Buckner just up the hill. Got my own place in Oyama just below MCAS after they closed the dispensary and our barracks Sept. 74 and transferred me to Machinato.
      Had it good, real good!

  2. Served in the USAF at Naha. While there, started the Tomigusuku Seisho Senkyo Kyokai Church near the Tomigusuku Koen park. Returned as missionaries in 1971, serving our Okinawan family some 18 years. The church is still going strong. Okinawa is our second home! Thanks so much for all the memory photos!

  3. A lot of great memories. Served with the Army MP's 1973-1976 anda again with the USMC Cp Butler as a civilian employee 1993-1996

  4. Great pictures. Served at Marine Corps Air Station Futenma with MATCU-66. 76-77

  5. The US military presence in Okinawa for the past 78 years has been like living with a slowly metastasizing cancerous tumor. Get the US out of Okinawa and Japan forever.

  6. Wow I don’t really remember the street pictures but I do remember the Koza riots. I was there 69-70. I lived in Sukiran Futenma Housing and went to school at Port Wheel in Naha. I was in the first class of Port Wheel Nine if anybody remembers that.

  7. I was there from 70-72 and remember the koza riots and the burning of cars at Kadena's main gate.




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