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December 2, 2020

Sport Knickers: Favorite Pants For Young Women From the 1920s

Women’s knickers fell into a gray area. They were accepted as sportswear. It was fine for a woman to pull on checked wool tweed or linen knee-length knickers and pair them with a khaki shirt, knee-high socks, and lace-up Oxford shoes as long as she had a golf club in her hand. But many golf courses banned women from wearing casual knickers until the mid ’20s.

Knickers were common for other sports, too, like hiking, riding, and hunting. They were comfortable, sporty, and fit right in with the “boyish” style of the youth culture. Young women wore them on weekends even while not playing sports.

Women’s knickers were made of grey or tan serge, linen, tweed, or denim cloth often with pressed center legs, cuffs below the knee that fasted with buttons and a waistband that fastened with buttons on the side.

In the late 1920s, corduroy velour became another fabric choice for knickers, complete with matching corduroy sports shirt. The new matching ensemble was much more fashionable than practical, and women appreciated wearing the casual sporty look without needing to play a sport.

Take a look at these cool photos to see young women in sport knickers in the 1920s.


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