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November 9, 2020

Tomatoes May Scream When Sliced

Imagine you cut into a tomatoes with a newly sharpened knife. Imagine that you measure a finite electrical change in the tomato as you slice. Conclusion, tomatoes scream when sliced! At least that’s what mister Hubbard concluded when he used his E-meter to test a tomato in 1968.

You might know Mr. Hubbard by L. Ron Hubbard, the founder/author of Scientology. His E-meter works as a Wheatstone bridge, measuring subtle changes in resistance of a substance. Now, as one cuts a tomato, the movement of the metallic object within an electric field will change the resistivity of the substance.

In short, this is physics. Anyone versed in basic electrical relationships can tell you this will happen. The tomatoes aren’t screaming Mr. Hubbard, you are just changing the magnetic field, which, as any junior physicist would know, affects the electric field, thus, the electrical properties of the substance. This is like a screaming hotdog in a campaign against LSD...

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  1. Maybe he was right after all…




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