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November 27, 2020

Everyday Life of Italy in the Early 1980s Through Fascinating Photos

The 80s are a time of fun, excess, luxury and optimism. The 1980s top the seemingly unlimited economical growth of Italy and mark the apparent transformation from an agricultural country to an industrial and service oriented economy.

Italy in the early 1980s

In these years, Milan affirms itself as the social and economical capital of Italy. Designers, artists and fashion gurus open stores and galleries in the city. After a famous TV spot, the city becomes known as Milano da Bere, the Italian capital of the aperitif ritual.

These are the years in which “Made in Italy” becomes a true brand and Italian products and lifestyle start to get more and more attention abroad. This is evident in music and television. Many singers and bands are influenced by the new musical movements hailing from England, Germany and the USA. Music fans are inspired in their dress code and behavior from their pop idols, like Madonna, Wham, Duran Duran. Many pop bands, both original and copycats of British and USA bands start to appear throughout Italy.

These fascinating photos were taken by New York City-based photographer Meredith Jacobson Marciano that documented everyday life of Italy in the early 1980s.

Italy. Agrigento old and new, Sicily, 1984

Italy. Alberobello Trulli, 1984

Italy. Band on a smoke break, Oleggio, 1984

Italy. Beach club Oasi, 1984

Italy. Beach dressing rooms, 1984

Italy. Beach resort, 1984

Italy. Boboli Gardens Fountain of Neptune, Florence, 1981

Italy. Boys school group at Piazza San Marco, Venice, 1981

Italy. Capri, 1984

Italy. Cinecittà Studios, Rome, 1984

Italy. Cinema Odeon, Ferrara, 1984

Italy. Family in Agrigento, 1984

Italy. Florence scenic viewing, 1984

Italy. Graffiti inside Leaning Tower, Pisa, 1981

Italy. Gubbio, 1981

Italy. Hilltop village, province of Agrigento, Sicily, 1984

Italy. Lago Maggiore, 1981

Italy. Lavanderia Gilda, Sorrento, 1984

Italy. man in Todi, 1984

Italy. Ostia Lido, 1984

Italy. Ostia Lido, 1984

Italy. Piazza in the fog, Bologna, 1981

Italy. Piazza San Marco, Venice, 1981

Italy. Pompeii Temple of Apollo, 1981

Italy. Roman theater ruins and Sant'Anastasia church, Verona, 1981

Italy. Rotonda Di San Lorenzo, Mantua, 1981

Italy. Sats and Mae West, Venice, 1984

Italy. Sleeping girl on Ferrovia Dello Stato, 1984

Italy. Stretching dog, 1984

Italy. Trieste, 1984

Italy. Trulli - homes in Alberobello, 1984

Italy. Venezia, 1981

Italy. Walking through the village, Lacco Ameno, Ischia, 1984

Italy. Yellow house and moto, Perugia, 1984

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  1. the odeon cinema is in Vicenza, not Ferrara




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