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December 5, 2020

Istanbul in the ’50s Through 20 Vintage Photos

Take a look back at Turkey’s largest city and its economic and cultural center through 20 fascinating vintage photographs:
Galata. (National Geographic)
Galata. (Hulton)
Galata Bridge. (Marka)
Kebab hawker surrounded by cats. (Roger Viollet)
Entry of the Eyüp Sultan Mosque. (Roger Viollet)
Galata Bridge. (Roger Viollet)
Narrow street. (Hulton)
Brothel. (Hulton)
Children waiting their turn at a circumcision ceremony at Tyup Sultan Mosque. (Imka)
Saying goodbye on the Galata quay. (Ara Güler)
Turkish Army guard unit parade. (Bettmann)
Men washing their feet outside a mosque. (David Lees)
A typewriter at work. (David Lees)
Café de Kartal. (Ara Güler)
Shopkeeper in the Inner Bedesten in the Covered Bazaar. (Ara Güler)
Galata Bridge. (Keystone)
A coffee bar in Beyoglu. (Ara Güler)
Nightfall in the district of Zeyrek. (Ara Güler)
Typewriter service street. (Bruch)
Cityscape. (UHA)

1 comment:

  1. "Galata Bridge(Keystone)" photo cannot be a 50's photo. In this picture men were wearing fez which was banned in 1925.




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