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November 29, 2020

40 Vintage Photos of Living Rooms During the ’50s Christmas Time

The Christmas tree surely becomes the center of attention during the festive season, but there are a lot more things that can illuminate the Christmas spirit for the joyous occasion. And this is true for both contemporary Christmas decoration ideas and the ones used in the past. 

A set of vintage photos shows what living rooms looked like during the 1950s Christmas time.


  1. jeez,I remember those horrid drapes from the 50s. Evidently a requirement if you would be considered a contemporary fashion maven. Thankfully, they would be landfill in just a few years. Funereal and oppresive, darkening what little cheer was available in that not-so-happy past . . .

  2. And no evidence of a Barbie Dream House under the tree.
    I remember staying up to help my Dad assemble one for my little sister, and spent hours on the job and didn't quite get it done.
    To this day the words, "..insert tab into slot.." create a feeling of dread.

  3. 1940’s when we’re tv s available the 40’s. Then one photo stamped from the 50’s




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