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October 30, 2020

45 Cool Photos of People in Fancy Costumes in the Early 20th Century

Halloween is coming! Are you ready for a unique costume for this year’s holiday? Take a look at these cool photos from Gail Durbin and choose one for your reference.

Arab lady

A butterfly

A fairy with a star in her hair

A small pierrot group

A woman who performs with pierrots

Cissie from the Hareem

Convict 99

Dance with cymbals

Dancing in Spanish style

Dressed as a butterfly

Dressed as a Chinaman

Dressed as a garden wall

Dressed as a Red Indian woman

Female warrior

Full of Eastern promise

Gertie Holt wearing fancy dress

Girl dressed up for a concert party

Girl in medieval dress

Hannah, the floral pierrot

In fancy dress as America

In Tudor dress

Interpretation of an Arab lady

Lady dressed up as the moon and the stars

Lady in a kimono with a fan

Lady in eastern garb

Lady in Japanese dress sitting on a bearskin

Little girl dressed as a butterfly

Little girl dressed as an elf or gnome

Little girl dressed to advertise Black Cat cigarettes

Little girl dressed up as the Daily Express

Man dressed as a Chinaman

Man in Arab dress

On the back: “Cissie Hamilton (and very nice too) 1913”

On the back: “Taken in 1926 when Alicia was 14 years old”

Ready to get going

Representing France

Rule Britannia

The Ace of Hearts

The prize winners

This is Alice Morris and she dressed up in a kimono to sing in the Mikado. “Mikado 1907”

Two girls dressed up as rose buds

Very exotic dress

Woman dressed as a carousel

Woman in Indian fancy dress

Young woman photographed by the Curzon Studios in London as Justice


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