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October 23, 2020

Vintage Photos of the 1950s-1970s Los Angeles Art Scene by Frank J. Thomas

Frank J. Thomas (1936–2019) was an American photographer, typographer, and printer. In 1959 he and his wife Phyllis founded Tenfingers Press in Los Angeles, out of “a desire to print and publish small books for a limited public.”

1950s-1970s Los Angeles Art Scene by Frank J. Thomas

Their output over the next 21 years was eclectic, ranging from literary epigrams done in whimsical typography to miniature books to a history of California cattle brands.

These amazing vintage photos of artists, exhibitions and people involved with the arts were taken by Frank J. Thomas from between the 1950s and 1970s.

Robert Stack admiring a painting by Keith Finch, November 1950

Paul Wonner, circa 1950s

Jack Zajac, circa 1960s

John McLaughlin, circa 1960s

Paul Sarkisian, circa 1960

Sterling Holloway, circa 1960

Richard Hunt, 1964

Norman Zammitt, 1965

David Hockney painting on the street, 1967

Robert Irwin, 1967

John Manno, 1969

George Baker, circa 1970

Hal Glicksman, 1970

James Valerio, circa 1970

Peter Alexander, circa 1970s

Richard Yokomi showed with Nicholas Wilder Gallery in Los Angeles, circa 1970s

Ron Davis, circa 1970s

Claes Oldenburg, 1971

Keisho Okayama, 1972

Richard Joseph, 1972

Robert Graham, 1972

John Mason in his studio, 1974

Pat Hogan, 1974

Peter Zecher, July 1974

Charles White, 1977

George Herms in the studio, 1977

Norman Sunshine in his studio, 12 April 1978

Howard Bond and other artists

Richard Diebenkorn in his studio, 1979

Tom Leeson, 1979

(Photo © Frank J. Thomas)


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