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October 15, 2020

12 Wonderful Color Photographs That Capture Scenes of Gifu, Japan in the Mid 1950s

Gifu is a city located in the south-central portion of Gifu Prefecture, Japan, and serves as the prefectural capital. The city has played an important role in Japan’s history because of its location in the middle of the country.

Located on the alluvial plain of the Nagara River, Gifu has taken advantage of the surrounding natural resources to create both traditional industries and tourism opportunities such as cormorant fishing. Mount Kinka, one of the city’s major symbols, is home to a nationally designated forest and Gifu Castle, a replica of Nobunaga’s former castle. Gifu also hosts many festivals and events throughout the year.

Below is a small collection of 12 fascinating color photographs showing scenes of Gifu in the 1950s:   


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