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October 8, 2020

40 Cool Photos of Halloween Cards From Edwardian Era

A Halloween card is a greeting card associated with Halloween. The concept originated in the 1890s United States, experiencing a peak of popularity there in the early 1900s.

Halloween cards from Edwardian era

Until the advent of the common home telephone, Halloween cards occupied a role similar to Christmas cards and birthday cards.

Today, many cards from the popular designers of the period are sought after as memorabilia.

Here below is a set of cool vintage photos from Alan Mays that show Halloween cards in the 1900s and early 1910s.

A Hallowe'en Wish
A Halloween party at the set of sun
A Jolly Hallowe'en
A Joyous Thanksgiving
A Merry Halloween
A Witch with a Veggie Chauffeur in a Halloween Melon-mobile
Am on a flying trip. Will see you soon, G.S.
Apples for bobbin
Bringing Home the Halloween Pumpkin
Come spooking with me on Hallowe’en
Hallowe'en Greeting
Hallowe'en Greeting
Hallowe'en Greetings. Frances Brundage
Hallowe'en. Uncertainly. Hope. Despair. Happy ever after
Halloween – “Friendly Fairy, Witch, or Fay, Fulfill the Wish You Wish Today”
Halloween Pranks
Halloween Pumpkinheads at the Gate
Happy Halloween, You Turkey!
Happy surreal Halloween
Have a devilishly happy Halloween
Ho! For a Happy Halloween
Jack-o'-Lantern Scarecrow and Witch with Crescent Moon
May Love Light Your Halloween Lantern!
May This Be Your Luck on Halloween
May your Hallowe'en be weird and witchy
O, is my true love tall and grand? O, is my sweetheart bonny?
Oh! Goodness! This must mean--'tis Hallowe'en!
Out for Mischief
Pumpkinhead Boy with Witch and Black Cat
The Joys of Halloween Be Yours
Watch for Ghosts When Halloween Comes
What the boys did to the cow
What the Pig tho't of the Ghost
Whirl-O Halloween Fortune and Stunt Game
Wishing You a Lucky Halloween
Witch and black cat on a broomstick
Witch and jack-o'-lantern card for Helene
Woman with Bowl and Jack-o'-Lanterns
You Auto Have a Happy Hallowe'en


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