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October 5, 2020

Amazing Portrait Photos of the Indian Tribes of North America in the 1840s

History of the Indian Tribes of North America is held by SMU’s DeGolyer Library.

Indian Tribes of North America in the 1840s

History of the Indian Tribes of North America is a multi volume set by Thomas Loraine McKenney (1785-1859) and James Hall (1793-1868), detailing the history of the Indian tribes of North America, with biographical sketches and anecdotes of the principal chiefs.

The set is embellished with one hundred and twenty portraits taken sometime 1842, from the Indian gallery in the Department of War, at Washington, D.C.

History of the Indian Tribes of North America is part of the North America: Photographs, Manuscripts, and Imprints collection, part of Southern Methodist University’s Central University Libraries (CUL) Digital Collections.

Ap-Pa-Noo-Se, Saukie Chief


A-Mis-Quam, A Winnebago Brave

A-Na-Cam-E-Gish-Ca, A Chippeway Chief

Ahyouwaighs, Chief of the Six Nations

Asseola, A Seminole Leader

Ca-Ta-He-Cas-Sa, Black Hoof, Principal Chief of the Shawannes

Caa-Tou-See, An Ojibway

Chippeway Squaw & Child

Chippeway Squaw & Child

Chittee Yoholo, A Seminole Chief


Chon-Mon-I-Case, An Otto Half Chief

Esh-Ta-Hum-Leah, A Sioux Chief

Hayne-Hudjihini, The Eagle of Delight


Hoo-Wan-Ne-Ka, A Winnebago Chief

Ka-Na-Pi-Ma, An Ottawa Chief

Ka-Ta-Wa-Be-Da, A Chippeway Chief

Kai-Pol-E-Quah, White Nosed Fox

Kee-Shes-Wa, A Fox Chief

Ki-On-Twog-Ky or Corn Plant, A Seneca Chief

Kish-Kal-Wa, A Shawanoe Chief

Kish-Ke-Kosh, A Fox Brave

La Soldat Du Chene, A Osage Chief

Lap-Pa-Win-Soe, A Delaware Chief

Little-Crow, A Sioux Chief

M'Intosh, A Creek Chief

Ma Has Kah, Chief of the Ioways

Ma-Ka-Tai-Me-She-Kia-Kiah or Black Hawk, a Saukie Brave

Major Ridge, A Cherokee Chief

Mar-Ko-Me-Te, A Menomene Brave

Me-Na-Wa, A Creek Warrior

Me-Te-A, A Pottawatomie Chief

Meta-Koosega, A Chippeway Warrior

Micanopy, A Seminole Chief

Mo-Hon-Go, Osage Woman

Moa-Na-Hon-Ga, Great Walker, An Ioway Chief

Mon-Ka-Ush-Ka, A Sioux Chief

Naw-Kaw, A Winnebago Chief

Ne Sou A Quoit, A Fox Chief

Ne-O-Mon-Ne, An Ioway Chief

Nea-Math-La, A Seminole Chief

Not-Chi-Mi-Ne, An Ioway Chief

Okee-Makee-Quid, A Chippeway Chief

Ong Pa Ton Ga, Chief of the Omahas

Paddy-Carr, Creek Interpreter


Payta Kootha, A Shawanee Warrior

Peah-Mus-Ka, A Musquakee Chief

Pes-Ke-Le-Cha-Co, A Pawnee Chief

Pet-A-Le-Shar-Ro, A Pawnee Brave

Pow-A-Sheek, A Fox Chief

Push-Ma-Ta-Ha, Chactan Warrior

Qua-Ta-Wa-Pea, or Col. Lewis, A Shawanee Chief

Rant-Che-Wai-Me, Female Flying Pigeon

Red Jacket, Seneca War Chief

Se-Loc-Ta, A Creek Chief


Sha-Ha-Ka, A Mandan Chief

Shar-I-Tar-Ish, A Pawnee Chief

Shau-Hau-Napo-Tinia, An Ioway Chief

Shin-Ga-Ba-W'Ossin, A Chippeway Chief

Spring Frog, A Cherokee Chief

Tah-Chee, A Cherokee Chief

Tah-Ro-Hon, An Ioway Warrior

Tai-O-Mah, A Musquakee Brave

Tens-Kwau-Ta-Waw, The Prophet

Thayendanegea, The Great Captain of the Six Nations

Timpoochee Barnard, An Uchee Warrior

Tish-Co-Han, A Delaware Chief

To-Ka-Con, A Sioux Chief

Tshi-Zun-Hau-Kau, A Winebago

Tustennuggee Emathla or Jim Boy, A Creek Chief

Wa-Baun-See, A Pottawatomie Chief

Wa-Bish-Kee-Pe-Nas, The White Pigeon, A Chippewa

Wa-Em-Boesh-Kaa, A Chippeway Chief

Wa-Kawn-Ha-Ka, A Winnebago Chief

Wa-Kawn, A Winnebago Chief

Wa-Na-Ta, Grand Chief of the Sioux

Wa-Pel-La, Chief of the Musquakees

Waa-Pa-Shaw, A Sioux Chief

Wakechai, A Saukie Chief

Wat-Che-Mon-Ne, An Ioway Chief

Wesh-Cubb, A Chippeway Chief

Yaha-Hajo, A Seminole Chief

Yoholo-Micco, A Creek Chief

Young Ma-Has-Kah, Chief of the Ioways

(via SMU Libraries Digital Collections)


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