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September 8, 2020

Fascinating Black-and-White Vintage Photos of Stray Cats in Italy

Take a look at the stray cats once roamed the streets of Italy through 16 fascinating vintage photographs below:

Milan. (Grace Robertson)

Portofino. (Marka)

Three cats sitting and walking in ruins. (David Lees)

Turns Forbidden. (Vincenzo Balocchi)

Siena. (Vincenzo Balocchi)
Milan. (Grace Robertson)

Milan, 1951. (Grace Robertson)

Milan. (Grace Robertson)

Venice. (Dmitri Kessel)

Venice. (Mario De Biasi)

Taormina. (Mario De Biasi)

Venice. (Mario De Biasi)

Venice. (Mario De Biasi)

Roman Colosseum, Rome, 1956. (Martin Mills)

Film director Otto Preminger looking at the stray cats during the Venice Film Festival. (Gjon Mili)


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