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September 27, 2020

This Glamour Bonnet Provides Vacuum to Aid Complexion, 1941

Not a deep-sea diver, but a beauty-parlor patron in the vacuum helmet. How do you breathe? Or are you expected to hold your breath during these treatments?

Some persons believe a mud pack is the answer to the search for a beautiful complexion, others think massage will do the trick, but Mrs. D. M. Ackerman, of Hollywood, California, has decided that reduced air pressure is a good treatment. So she has devised a “glamour bonnet” like a diver’s helmet with which the atmospheric pressure around the beauty seeker’s head can be lowered.

The effect is similar to what a person feels who climbs a high mountain or flies high in a plane, and Mrs. Ackerman claimed that the reduced pressure stimulates blood circulation and thus aids the complexion to attain its natural beauty. A window has been installed so the customers can read during treatments.


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