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September 19, 2020

Stunning Photos of a Young and Gorgeous Joan Fontaine in the 1940s

The forties saw Joan Fontaine’s fortune changed after she got the role of the unnamed heroine in Alfred Hitchcock’s Rebecca (1940) alongside Laurence Olivier. The film opened to critical acclaims and earned Fontaine her first Academy Award nomination. She would again be nominated, and this time won, for her role in Suspicion (1941), another Hitchcock-directed film. She received her third and final Oscar nomination for The Constant Nymph (1943).

Though an established star in Hollywood, Fontaine was often typecast in female melodrama. “They seemed to want to make me cry the whole Atlantic,” she once said. Her other notable films in this decade including This Above All (1942), Jane Eyre (1943), Letter From an Unknown Woman (1948), and The Emperor Waltz (1948). Fontaine also worked as a nurse’s aide every now and then during the war.

Take a look back at the actress when she was young in the 1940s:

1941. (Ernest Bachrach)

On the set of 'Rebecca' with Laurence Olivier and Alfred Hitchcock, 1940. (Sunset Boulevard)

A scene from 'Rebecca' with Laurence Olivier, 1940. (Hulton)

1940. (Silver Screen Collection)

A still for 'Suspicion' with Cary Grant, 1941. (Bettmann)
1941. (John Kobal)

1941. (John Kobal)

1941. (John Kobal)

Portrait for the film 'This Above All,' 1942. (Bettmann)

Portrait for the film 'This Above All,' 1942. (Bettmann)

At home in Beverly Hills, 1942. (Bob Landry)

At home in Beverly Hills, 1942. (Bob Landry)

At home in Beverly Hills, 1942. (Bob Landry)

Playing the piano at home, 1943. (John Swope)

Still for the film 'Jane Eyre,' 1944. (Hulton)

Posing for a portrait for Vogue magazine, 1945. (John Rawlings)

1945. (Archive Photos)

Portrait for the film 'You Gotta Stay Happy,' 1948. (Universal)

On the program LUX RADIO THEATER with Burt Lancaster, 1949. (CBS)

Meeting a Papal Swiss Guard at the Vatican, 1949. (Slim Aarons)


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