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September 1, 2020

Intimate Vintage Photos of Romantic Couples in the 1960s

Take a look at these intimate couples showing their affections for each other in the 1960s through 30 beautiful vintage black-and-white photographs below:

London, 1960. (Philip Jones Griffiths)

1960s. (Karl Zimmermann)

Milan, 1961. (Mario De Biasi)

Paris, 1962. (Édouard Boubat)

New York City, 1963. (Ronald Reis)
Florence, 1964. (Ronald Reis)

Houston, 1965. (Mario De Biasi)

London, 1965. (George Stroud)

Hamburg, 1965. (H. Schmidt-Luchs)

1965. (Walter Sanders)

New York City, 1966. (Jill Freedman)

New York City, 1966. (Bettmann)

London, 1966. (George W Hales)

London, 1966. (Fox Photos)

Moscow, 1966. (Keystone)

New York, 1966. (Arthur Schatz)

Rome, 1966. (Marisa Rastellini)

Manhattan, 1966. (Jill Freedman)

Vienna, 1967. (Imagno)

Eastbourne, 1967. (Tony Ray-Jones)

London, 1967. (Daily Herald)

Paris, 1967. (Keystone)

San Francisco, 1967. (Bettmann)

Berlin, 1967. (Paul Georg Herrmann)

Stockholm, 1968. (Herzog)

California, 1968. (Ralph Crane)

Norfolk, 1968. (SSPL)

Holland, 1968. (Herzog)

1968. (Rudolf Dietrich)

Paris, 1968. (Keystone)


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