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September 22, 2020

Animal Lover: Fascinating Vintage Photos of Brigitte Bardot With Her Dogs

French former actress, singer, and sex symbol, Brigitte Bardot is also known as an established animal lover and a strong animal rights activist. Ever since announcing her retirement from acting in 1973, she has been working tirelessly to promote and fight for animal rights.

Below are 10 vintage photographs capture the icon with her adopted dogs from the 1950s to 1980s: 

1955. (Keystone)

London, 1960s. (Keystone)

1967. (Jean-Claude Sauer)

1970. (Leonard de Raemy)

1970. (Leonard de Raemy)
1973. (Leonard de Raemy)

1974. (Jack Garofalo)

1978. (Jack Garofalo)

1980. (Michou Simon)

1980. (Jack Garofalo)


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