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October 14, 2020

Got Everything You Need for Entertaining Right Here in This 1951 Admiral Tele-Bar

Do you love the look of vintage TV sets, but actually want to watch be able to use them to watch the full range of programming available today? This wonderful 1951 Admiral Tele-Bar, and retrofitted the television portion to hold a 24” flat screen TV, is a combination of a 21 inch television, radio, phonograph, and complete bar. The lid turns into a serving tray for cocktails.

The Admiral Tele-Bar cost $895 in 1951 — the equivalent of $10,000 today.

The Admiral Tele-Bar is a factory built entertainment center featuring a 21” black & white TV, AM-FM record player, 10” speaker, complete with a built in lockable bar featuring 32 glasses, a serving tray and trash receptacle.

It appears to have been made just one year. It cost a whopping $895 in 1951 when the average price of a new car was $1,800! Like spending $10K on a similar item today. Only about 23% of the U.S. population had TV’s in 1951. It interestingly has a socket for a color adapter!

One of the Admiral Tele-Bar advertisements reads:
It’s here! The one and only Tele-Bar… Admiral’s new, exciting, unique, and revolutionary television-bar combination. Now… 21” TV, Dynamagic Radio, and the incomparable “Triple-Play” Phonograph… all combined in one great home entertainment ensemble for gracious living.

A Built-In Bar…Fully Equipped!

Tele-Bar enhances every occasion! Its exquisite, hand-rubbed, liquor-proof cabinet provides a stainless steel mixing tray, liquor-proof serving shelf, “empties” receptacle, and racks for 32 glasses. Lower compartment holds over 30 bottles. For those who entertain regularly… Tele-Bar is an indispensable aid and a practical investment. Glasses included at no extra charge.

(via Retro Renovation)


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