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September 19, 2020

A Mom Uses a Trash Can to Contain Her Baby While She Crochets in the Park, 1969

LIFE used to regularly run interesting, strange, amusing or thought-provoking photographs on the last page of the magazine — and the May 30, 1969 issue was no exception.

According to Click Americana , this photo of a mother and her child visiting the park probably fell under both the “strange” and “amusing” categories: the baby is tucked under an inverted open-frame trash can — a makeshift playpen — while mom peacefully crochets on a bench in the background.

Just thinking what people would say if they saw a scene like this in a park today. Would they call the police? Or would they confront the woman?

Probably not directly. They would just take use their cellphone and take a video or photos, share it on social media and shame the woman. Then the public outcry would lead authorities to track her down and charge her with “child abuse.”

Certainly times have changed. Garbage pails are no longer considered appropriate playpens.


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