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September 10, 2020

35 Amazing Postcards Document Maritime Life of France Around 1900

Maritime history is the broad overarching subject that includes fishing, whaling, international maritime law, naval history, the history of ships, ship design, shipbuilding, the history of navigation, the history of the various maritime-related sciences (oceanography, cartography, hydrography, etc.).

Maritime life of France around 1900

Maritime history also includes sea exploration, maritime economics and trade, shipping, yachting, seaside resorts, the history of lighthouses and aids to navigation, maritime themes in literature, maritime themes in art, the social history of sailors and passengers and sea-related communities.

Here below is a set of amazing postcards from Claude LACOURARIE that show maritime life of France around 1900.

Audience. Arrival of the tide

Audience. Arrival of the tide

Audierne. The seaweed harvest

Camaret-sur-Mer. Caulking boat fishing

Camaret-sur-Mer. Fishing boats at anchor

Concarneau. Port Vauban

Concarneau. Sailors

Concarneau. The dock

Concarneau. The walled city and the port

Douarnenez. Fishing boats at the old port

Douarnenez. The big port

Douarnenez. Tuna landing

Guilvinec. Painting of a pinnace

Ile Tudy. Return of oyster dredging

Le Conquet. Seaweed burners

Le Conquet. Small fish merchants

Lézardrieux. Export of the potato crop

Locquirec. Return from lobster fishing

Loctudy. Langon seaweed burners

Paimpol. Icelandic gulet


Pont-L'abbé. Unloading boats

Porspoder. Harvesting seaweed

Port of Brest

Port of Lannion

Quiberon. A group of sardine at rest

Quiberon. The beach at 4 o'clock

Roscoff. Arrival of onion cars at the port

Roscoff. Aspect of port during ship loading

Roscoff. Loading onions

Roscoff. Purchasing of a lobster

Roscoff. Shipping of onions for England

Roscoff. The port and the Théven

Roscoff. The port

Somme. The first sand yachts on the beach at Cayeux sur mer

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  1. Would be interesting to do a Then and Now on some of those locations. They had no clue!!




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