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August 15, 2020

45 Amazing Photos Capture Victorian People Posing With Painted Backgrounds

The history of photographic studios and photography dates back to 19th century with the first camera. The earliest photographic studios made use of painters' lighting techniques to create photographic portraits. During that era nothing was better than the sunlight with open window as the primary source of light of painters.

Photographic studios started using flashes in 1840 and in 1864 the next technological breakthrough, magnesium wire, became the new artificial light source. By 1860s they were in common use in professional studios. In around 1870s, even smaller studios got access to flash lights or strobes.

People tried many things from time to time when setting up studios to cope up with different hurdles in photography, and painted backgrounds were one of them.

Here below is a set of amazing photos that shows people posing with painted backgrounds at studios during the Victorian era.


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