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August 27, 2020

5 Glamorous Short Hair Wave Styles of the 1930s

The return of retro hairstyles has been the trend for many years. Recent hairstyles have sure followed that trend, with the cutest short hairstyles coming from different years across different centuries.

Well, the classic 1930s hairstyles which majorly features elegance have not been left out. As a matter of fact, 1930 styles remain among the best options for a perfect retro hairstyle for short hair.

However, selecting the best 1930s hairstyle for your short hair may seem a little difficult. Well, this article has in it the trendiest hairstyles of the decade that will suit you just the way you want it and with specifications of how to wear them.

1. Finger Waves

1930s hairs were majorly all about waves, and the celebrity finger waves were perfect at bringing out the feminine beauty in every woman. Although it’s difficult to say what particular length of hair it fits best, it’s an unarguable fact that the finger waves were stunning on those short hairs. The most amazing part was that it was suitable for every age of the old decade (well, it is still suitable for everyone). Blonde was usually so attractive. However, the finger waves are still trending; even among celebrities and it would certainly be one of the most charming ways to style your short hair.

2. Deep Curls

Curls have undoubtedly been part of the best ways to style short hairs even as far as history remembers. Although there were many ways to carry curls, the 1930s emphasized deep curls on short hairs. Sadly, the deep curls style was not suitable for every woman, but those who were fortunate seemed to be the most impressive ladies of the decade. As one of the most popular styles of the decade, the deep curl style had defined what a beautiful short hairstyle was and still does.

3. Side Parts

Hairstyles for short hairs of the 1930s had the very unique feature of being swept or parted to the sides. Whether on curls or waves, deep side partings on short hairs gave the wearer some sort of elegance. It made them appear confidently classic and suited everyone; especially those with angular face shapes. Today’s women are seen to regularly rock this stunning 1930s short hair trend.

4. Curly Pixie

The 1930s girls certainly knew what fit the best. Although curls were the trend, they found a way to look indifferent but still cute. The curly pixie did this for them. Short hairs became more glamorous with this skillful hairstyle which gave the personality of the wearer a classic definition.

5. Box Bob

Another popular 1930s short hairstyle was the box bob. The unique hairstyle was an amazing choice for girls of the decade who were willing to turn the heads of passersby. The style usually had the front hair falling a bit to the cheeks, making it suitable for whoever loved it (and of course, almost every girl of the 1930s with a short hair, loved the style).

Accessories also made short hairs of the decade appear attractive. Especially during formal events, accessories on short hairs was an exotic trend.

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