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August 5, 2020

When Checker Went Long: 24 Amazing Photos of Checker Aerobus 8-Door Station Wagon

The Checker Aerobus, both 6- and 8-door models, is an automobile manufactured on two different wheelbases by the Checker Motors Corporation from 1962 until 1977 (although none were built in 1975).

Built from the ground up as a heavy-duty, multi-passenger limousine, the Aerobus, according to the manufacturer, has found an increased acceptance among resorts, air lines, hotels, motels, hospitals, business firms and services requiring inter-city and inter-plant transportation.

Wherever there is the need to move 9 to 12 people, complete with baggage, packages, etc., in complete comfort and in limousine style, that’s where the Aerobus serves the public best. In total, 3,568 Checker Aerobuses of all versions were built.


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