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August 23, 2020

A Collection of 16 Humorous Bamforth Postcards From the Turn of the Century

Bamforth postcards are probably the most recognized saucy seaside postcard series ever produced. Their postcard story began in Victorian times with James Bamforth (1842–1911), the son of a Yorkshire painter and decorator. The company was based in Holmfirth, West Yorkshire.

Bamforth originally used his talents to produce painted lantern slides but later moved to photography which proved more successful. By the 1900s the slides had evolved into what we know now as Bamforth postcards.

A religious conservative opposed to women’s suffrage, trade unions and anything else that smacked of a progressive outlook, he was nevertheless responsible for some of the most vivid examples of social history in postcards from the turn of the century. Despite their comic nature, Bamforth postcards are often concerned with drunkenness, failed marriages and death.


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