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August 15, 2020

Amazing Black and White Portrait Photography by Jim Hair in the 1970s

California based-photographer Jim Hair graduated from high school in 1971 and moved from San Diego to Santa Cruz where he attended UCSC. “After graduation in 1974 I returned to San Diego until 1978 when I moved to San Francisco.”

Portrait photography by Jim Hair in the 1970s

“I often meet people who get a weird look in their eyes as they look at me and ask/state almost incredulously: ‘you're not from around here are you?’ I generally say I'm from Berkeley and that seems to satisfy them.”

“My wife and I are actively working to improve our community. In 1975 I bought a Canon F1, I still use the same Rolleiflex and Canon F1 today. Film was what I could afford, and it has mainly been Ilford FP4 then and now.”

“The photographs in this album are made with a Yashica TL Super and Rolleiflex.”

My grandmother, 1971

David Landis, 1971

My grandfather, 1971

Page Smith, Santa Cruz, 1972

Angela Davis, 1973

Bill Everson, 1973

Bruce Anderson, Santa Cruz, 1973

Christy, Santa Cruz, 1973

David Simon, Portland, 1973

Flying boy, 1973

Futzie Nutzle, Santa Cruz, 1973

Holly Downing, 1973

Jasper Rose, 1973

Joe Kalmanic, Ocean Beach, 1973

Jon Clark, Martinez, 1973

Jonathan Clark, 1973

LCDR James G. Sharp, 1973

Man with hat, Santa Cruz, 1973

Mary Holmes, 1973

My grandfather, 1973

My grandparents, 1973

Nuns at Point Lobos, 1973

Rendezvous Island repair, Canada, 1973

Richard Hof, 1973

San Francisco flame artist, 1973

Seattle Alley (The Gum Wall), 1973

Self-portrait with my grandparents, 1973

Streetworkers, 1973

Wynn Bullock at Pt. Lobos, 1973

Wynn Bullock, Pacific Grove, 1973

Alan Chadwick, Master gardener, Covelo, 1974

Boy with cart, Patzcuaro, Mexico, 1974

Boy with hat, Patzcuaro, Mexico, 1974

Couple with baby, Patzcuaro, Mexico, 1974

Covelo swimmers, 1974

Deborah Barlow, 1974

Girl at corner store, Patzcuaro, Mexico, 1974

Gregory Bateson, 1974

Joel, Patzcuaro, Mexico, 1974

Man with pack, Patzcuaro, Mexico, 1974

Moira Roth, Berkeley, 1974

Norman O. Brown walking in the redwoods at the University of California, Santa Cruz, 1974

Portrait of a young man in Mazatlan, Mexico, 1974

Balboa Park, San Diego, 1975

Bob and Ellie, 1975

Boy in hotel, 1975

Dr. John, San Diego, 1975

El Chino, 1975

Gram, 1975

Juan Baja, 1975

Juan Baja, 1975

Juggler, Balboa Park, San Diego, 1975

Macarena, 1975

Mimes, 1975

Mom, 1975

San Diego mission, 1975

Tacho Baja, 1975

Aunt Velma, 1977

Firefighter, La Jolla, 1978

Jack Stauffacher, 1978

(Photo © Jim Hair)

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