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July 30, 2020

Gorgeous Vintage Photos of Sean Connery in the 1960s

Sean Connery’s big breakthrough came when he was cast as the British secret agent James Bond. Initially, the character’s creator, Ian Flaming, expressed his doubts on the casting, stressing that Connery was “not what I envisioned of James Bond looks” and he was “looking for Commander Bond and not an overgrown stunt-man,” but later changed his mind as he was greatly impressed after the success of the first film of Connery’s 007 series, Dr. No (1962). Throughout this decade Connery would play four more Bond films: From Russia with Love (1963), Goldfinger (1964), Thunderball (1965), and You Only Live Twice (1967).

Even though the Bond franchise brought the actor tremendous successes and benefits, Connery grew weary of the role and the pressure that came along with it. He was “particularly upsetting” as people only recognized him as James Bond and not any other roles, according to Michael Caine. Connery also starred in other non-Bond films, notably Alfred Hitchcock’s Marnie (1964) and Sidney Lumet’s The Hill (1965).

Take a look back at the handsome actor during the 1960s through 30 gorgeous vintage photographs below:

Enjoying a game of bar billiards at his basement flat in London's NW8, 1962. (Chris Ware)

Relaxing in his ground-floor basement flat in NW5, 1962. (Keystone)

As James Bond in a scene from the film 'Dr. No' at Pinewood Studios in England, 1962. (Popperfoto)

Preparing for a game of golf at his basement flat in London's NW8, 1962. (Chris Ware)

Setting off for a game of golf, 1962. (Chris Ware)
Watching the panorama by the telescope during his visit to Rome, 1963. (Pierluigi Praturlon)

Rehearsing a fight scene with Alf Joint at Pinewood Studios for the film 'Goldfinger,' 1964. Photo by PA Images

Practicing his golf swing at Northolt Airport, 1964. (Bob Haswell)

Wearing straw hat and sunglasses on the set of 'Goldfinger,' London, 1964. (Bettmann)

On the set of British movie 'The Hill,' 1964. (Larry Ellis)

1965. (Hulton Archive)

With wife Diane Cilento at the Royal Film Performance of 'Lord Jim,' 1965. (George Freston)

At dinner after the screening of 'Goldfinger' in Paris, 1965. (Philippe Le Tellier)

Smoking on the set of 'Thunderball' at the Château d'Anet in Eure-et-Loir, France, 1965. (Philippe Le Tellier)

In bed in a scene from 'Thunderball' at Pinewood Studios, London, 1965. (Mario De Biasi)

On the set of 'Thunderball,' 1965. (Sunset Boulevard)

As James Bond in a scene from the film 'Thunderball,' 1965. (Donaldson Collection)

At the Cannes Film Festival, 1965. (REPORTERS ASSOCIES)

Wearing a pink dressing gown in a publicity still for the film 'A Fine Madness', 1966. (Silver Screen Collection)

Playing golf, 1966. (REPORTERS ASSOCIES)

On the set of 'You Live Only Twice,' 1967. (Sunset Boulevard)

On the set of 'You Live Only Twice,' 1967. (Sunset Boulevard)

On vacation in Cap d'Antibes, France, 1967. (ASSOCIATED REPORTERS)

At Deauville, France, 1967. (Roger Viollet)

Pose for a publicity shot with Brigitte Bardot during their first meeting in France before filming 'Shalako,' 1968. (Terry O'Neill)

During the filming of 'Shalako' in Almeria, Spain, 1968. (Gianni Ferrari)

1968. (Photoshot)

Standing the course at Cypress Point during the Bing Crosby National Pro-Amateur, Pebble Beach, Florida, 1969. (Garth Eliassen)

Costume being fixed by director Michail Konstantinovic Kalatozov on the set of 'The Red Tent,' 1969. (Pierluigi Praturlon)

On the set of the film 'The Red Tent,' 1969. (Paramount)

Playing golf at Wentworth in the Variety Club of Great Britain v The Army Charity match, Surrey, 1969. (Popperfoto)


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