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July 16, 2020

Beautiful Color Photos of Audrey Hepburn in the 1950s

Take a look back at the beloved classic actress through these 27 vintage color photographs:

Relaxing by the coast, 1951. (Popperfoto)

Wearing a peculiar hat and sleeveless blouse and holds a pool cleaning net beside a dry swimming pool, early 1950s. (Hulton Archive)

At the seaside whilst carrying a shoulder bag, 1951. (Popperfoto)

Sitting on a rock wearing a hat and beachwear, 1951. (Popperfoto)

1950s. (Sunset Boulevard)
In her Mayfair apartment, London, 1951. (Walter Carone)

Posing for a studio photographer, 1954. (Archive Photos)

Leaning on a tree in a promotional photo for 'Sabrina,' 1954. (Bettmann)

On a golf course at the Bürgenstock resort, Switzerland, 1954. (Archive Photos)

Standing on the golf course at Switzerland's Bürgenstock resort near husband Mel Ferrer, 1954. (Archive Photos)

On the terrace of the Restaurant Hammetschwand at the summit of the Bürgenstock, Switzerland, 1955. (Archive Photos)

Riding horses with husband Mel Ferrer on a farm near Rome, 1955. (Pictorial Parade)

Standing on a golf course, 1955. (Hulton Archive)

1955. (Norman Parkinson)

In a pink dress, standing next to a flowering bougainvillea plant, 1955. (Norman Parkinson)

At the Lido nightclub in Paris, 1955. (Archive Photos)

In a publicity still for the film 'War and Peace,' Italy, 1956. (Michael Ochs Archives)

Wearing a wide-brimmed hat and white blouse on the set of 'Funny Face,' 1957. (Paramount Pictures)

Carrying her dog Mr. Famous while wearing a fur hat on the set of 'Funny Face', 1956. (Bert Hardy)

In a floral-print day dress and sun hat on the set of 'Funny Face,' 1957. (Silver Screen)

With husband Mel Ferrer at the Bel Air Hotel in Los Angeles, 1957. (Richard C. Miller)

Posing with a cat in Paris, 1957. (Sam Shaw)

Reaching for a branch in the Bois de Boulogne, Paris, 1957. (Sam Shaw)

On location for 'Love in the Afternoon' near the Chateau de Vitry in Gambais, France, 1957. (Sam Shaw)

On the set of 'The Nun's Story,' 1958. (Leo L Fuchs)

'The Nun's Story,' 1959. (Sunset Boulevard)

'Green Mansions,' 1959. (API)




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