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June 5, 2020

Boxing Kangaroo Hitting a Paparazzi for Trying to Photograph Him

This knock out kangaroo knows how to deal with paparazzi photographers as one of them gets too close for comfort. His owner uses its skills as a performer in their act.

John Drysdale grew up in East Africa acquiring an early interest in both photography and animals. He trained at Guildford School of Art and has worked in photo-reportage, advertising and won numerous awards. But perhaps his most memorable work has been in the field of humor, working with children and animals in real life situations.

(Photos by Voller Ernst / John Drysdale)

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  1. Paparazzi: freelance photographers who specialize in candid camera shots of famous people and who often invade the celebrities privacy to obtain such photographs

    Neither John Drysdale nor Vollmer Ernst were ever paparazzi. They were educational nature photographers, specializing primarily in amusing photos of animals.
    To accuse them of being paparazzi is criminally defamatory. To continually ignore this, and other laws, in the publication of your website is arrogant. No one is above the law. To act as if you are dishonors yourself, your parents, and your country.




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