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June 13, 2020

50 Studio Portrait Photos of Nelson Residents by A. Renwick During the 1960s

Born 1909 in Milestone, Canadian photographer Archibald Albert “Archie” Renwick moved to Nelson in the late 1920s and graduated from Nelson High School. In his youth, he worked at Renwick’s Transfer and Taxi on Vernon Street.

Studio portraits of Nelson residents taken by A. Renwick in the 1960s

In the 1930s, Renwick started a grocery business called Renwick and Romano. He left Nelson in the early 1940s and graduated from a photography school in Chicago in 1942.

After obtaining his training, Renwick returned to Nelson and opened Renwick’s Portrait Studio on 316 Baker Street. The studio moved to 577 Ward in 1958 and remained at this location until the business closed in 1984 after his dead, aged 75.

As a business that was active for more than forty years, Renwick’s Portrait Studio photographed thousands of Nelson residents. In addition to earning the confidence of the Kootenay Doukhobor community, the studio also photographed such notable residents as the Bishop of Nelson, Martin Michael Johnson (1899-1975), and Mayor Louis Maglio (1917-2007).

These vintage photos from Touchstones Nelson are part of his work that Renwick took portraits of Nelson residents at Renwick’s Portrait Studio during the 1960.

Gergley, Paul and Family, 1960

Appleton, Don and Family, 1960

Cameron, Steven and Family, 1960

Marcotte, Allan, 1960

Morgan, Jack, 1960

Hoover, Gordon and Beresford, Clara, 1960

Doukhobor Music Group, 1961

Leslie, Barbara, 1961

Wong, Rose and Daughter Sherry, 1961

Graham, Mr and Mrs E. V., 1962

Hansen, Marion, 1962

West, Thomas and Beryl, 1962

Bradley, Frederick, 1963

MacMillan, Margaret and Kathy, 1963

Pratt, Brian, 1963

Ryalls, Mr and Mrs Milton, 1963

Wong, Rose, 1963

Berg, Michael and Marie with Malcolm and Craig, 1964

Scott, Darlene and Joan, 1964

Simpson, Larry, Audryann and Mel, 1964

Witchell, Harold, 1964

Bartsoff Family - Grandmother and Grandchild, 1965

Eagles Bowling Team, 1965

Fraser, Don and Sheila, 1965

Hegland, Mabel, 1965

Jay, Jayne, 1965

Manson, Andrea, 1965

Mathews, Brian, 1965

Nelson School Group, 1965

Perepolkin, William and Siminoff, Irene, 1965

Scott, Darlene, 1965

Tarr, Melvin and Lena, 1965

Allen, Bobbi with Cat, 1966

Hadikin Family, 1966

Horswill, Martin, 1966

Lashmar, Albert and Dora with Grandson, 1966

Nelson Freemasons, 1966

Wassick, George, 1966

Wong Family, 1966

Coleopy, H. and Family, 1967

Johnson, Mr and Mrs Ed and Family, 1967

Kalesnikoff, Mr and Mrs John, 1967

Leslie, William and Nettie, 1967

Dazelle, George, 1968

Latta, George and Family, 1968

Ryley Family - Four Generations, 1968

Bachynski Family, 1969

Clark, Mary, 1969

Evans, Judge William Clifford, 1969

Malcolm, Linda, 1969

(Photo © A. Renwick)


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