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June 26, 2020

Fascinating Photos Show Interior of a House in Vermont Around 1900

A set of fascinating photos from Vermont Historical Society that shows interior of the home of Rev. James Edward Wright (1839-1914) at 19 Baldwin Street, Montpelier, Vermont, taken in 1903 and 1906.

J.E.Wright parlor looking into hall, 1903

J.E.Wright bedroom, 1903

J.E.Wright dining room looking into hall, 1903

J.E.Wright dining room, 1903

J.E.Wright parlor looking into hall, 1903

J. E. Wright hall looking into dining room, 1906

J.E.Wright bedroom, 1906

J.E.Wright parlor looking into hall, 1906

J.E.Wright parlor, 1906

J.E.Wright sideboard, 1906

Portrait of Rev. James Edward Wright (1839-1914)


  1. Lovely home interior....appears to be a wealthy family.

  2. OMG!! A lower middle class (he was a minister) home interior! FASCINATING!!! I can't stop looking at it!!! I am captivated by the mismatched furniture and twin beds!! The cluttering of knick-knacks is so artfully done! Nothing like they do nowadays! FASCINATING!!!

  3. Erm. This is not 'lower' middle-class. By any stretch of the imagination.



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