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May 26, 2020

24 Cool Photos of Robert Redford in 1969

It was until 1969 that Robert Redford eventually broke out as a major Hollywood star, enjoying three successful films within the same year: Downhill Racer, Tell Them Willie Boy is Here, and the classic Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. LIFE photographer John Dominis spent a week with the legend-in-the-making, who was trying to keep both his career and private life under control, at his residences in Utah and New York. With his rising reputation as an actor, almost all of Redford’s time spent on business, even when he retreated to his home in the snowy Utah mountains.

In his agent's office, New York.

Take a look back at the young actor in 1969 through these 24 cool photographs taken by John Dominis:

Looking over promotional material for his film, 'Downhill Racer,' New York.

Holding his hat, New York.

Hailing a cab in Times Square.

Sitting with one foot on his desk while listening to his agent, New York.
Biting a pencil, New York.

Standing on skis, Utah.

Riding a horse on his property in the Utah mountains.

With a horse on his Utah property.

Working at his desk, Utah.

On phone, Utah.

Sitting together with his family in the living room, Utah.

Taking a break from reading a script, a cat on his lap, Utah.

With a cardboard cut-out of Paul Newman as Butch Cassidy, Utah.

Portrait for LIFE magazine cover.

Sitting on a wooden bench in ski clothes, Utah.

Pulling his son, Jamie, from a snowmobile, Utah.

Standing on the winter tire of a skimobile, Utah.

Skiing with his son, Utah.

Maneuvering uphill on skis, Utah.

With son Jamie, daughter Shauna and two companions, New York.

Walking with his daughter, Shauna, New York.

With his son, Jamie, New York.

In New York stadium.


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