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April 7, 2020

30 Stunning Vintage Photos of New York City in the 1940s

French-born photographer Andreas Feininger moved to the United States in 1939 and started to work at LIFE magazine in 1943. One of America’s greatest photographers of the 20th century, Feininger was well-known for his photographs of New York City, which was also his favorite subject. His grand love for New York was plainly shown in numerous photographs, both in black-and-white and in color, from viewpoints all around the city.


Take a look back at the city in the 1940s through these 33 transcendent photographs taken by the masterly photographer:


Underneath West Side Highway, 1940.

Harlem, 1940.

Central Park, 1940.
Central Park, 1942.

Independence Day, Fifth Avenue, 1942.

Ferry Terminal, 1942.

Central Park, 1943.


Times Square, 1943.

Times Square, 1944.

Times Square, 1945.

Vaudeville Loew's State Theatre, 1945.

Horn and Hardart Automat, 1945.

Radio City Music Hall, 1945.

Photo shop, 1945.

West 52nd Street, 1945.

Pop's Pop Corn, 1945.

Beef Steak Charlie's, 1945.

Manhattan, 1946.

Manhattan skyline from Brooklyn Bridge, 1946.

Lower Manhattan, 1946.

Skyscrapers, 1946.

Center Theatre, 1946.

Embassy Theater, 1946.

Queens, 1946.

Midtown Manhattan, 1948.

Snowstorm, 1948.

Highway, 1948.

Manhattan Skyline, 1948.

Docks, 1949.

Midtown Manhattan and Rockefeller Center, 1949.


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  1. Interesting. What strikes me is that the people are always dressed properly with overcoats, ties and fedoras, etc. Nice to see.




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