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April 11, 2020

Exhibition Catalogue for Levi Straus Denim Art Contest Held in 1973

The early 1970s were all about decorating your favorite jeans and denim jackets, to make these pieces truly yours and a reflection of your personality and your art. In 1973, Levi’s Jeans decided to have fun with this concept and launched the “Levi’s Denim Art Contest.” Consumers were invited to send slides of their patched, customized, embroidered and otherwise embellished Levi’s jeans and jackets.

An impressive 2,000 submissions were received. Entries were judged by a prestigious panel, which included designer Rudi Gernereich, the curator for San Francisco’s De Young Museum, photographer Imogen Cunningham, and a San Francisco Chronicle art critic.

In addition to traveling the country in an 18-month tour of American museums, the winning garments also were featured in a book, The Levi’s Denim Art Contest Catalogue of Winners, published by photographer Baron Wolman.




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