Bring back some good or bad memories

April 24, 2020


  1. I fail to see how this is even remotely appropriate content for this site. :P

  2. Yeah, the desperation is becoming pretty intense lately. Lots of sexploitation and schlock, and very little in the way of actual vintage photography anymore. Dunno about inappropriate for the site, but if Blogger spots it they will make him put it behind an adult content interstitial.

  3. Great post! Ignore all moralizers -- they are self-righteous, tiresome cowards and fools who see something of themselves in things they don't like, and that frightens them ever so terribly.

    1. Pointing out that this post is a violation of Blogger's terms of service is hardly what I would call "moralizing". Neither is pointing out that the content doesn't conform to the stated purpose of the site.
      But if you want to attack people for making you feel guilty about jerking off to love dolls, maybe it is you who are the self-righteous one seeing something you don't like about yourself. Maybe it is you who are afraid that people won't like you for who you are, so you lash out at others in an attempt top make them look worse instead of trying to make yourself look better. And maybe it is you who should be honest with yourself and go to porn sites instead of coming to vintage photo sites. We all know that the only reason you don't is because in your mind wanking to vintage photos is somehow more acceptable than wanking to porn.
      But either way, you are still a wanker.

    2. pretty much this

  4. I thought this was hilarious! One of the more entertaining posts of weird things from the past.

    1. one of the points made above was that this isn't a "weird things from our past" website
      it is a vintage photograph website
      so they really don't belong here

  5. I love this it or not, it's part of our society

    1. true
      but that has nothing to do with the points raised above

      fact is, this place has been losing viewers left and right so the owner has been posting stuff that has more broad appeal even if it doesn't fit in with the site's focus
      the sex thing has gotten him into trouble on facebook already, which caused him to lose even more viewers
      now he is desperate because the ad revenue is too low so he is trying anything he can to lure people in even if it has nothing to do with vintage photography at all

      between that and the rude way he talks to visitors to this site it really isn't surprising that the place has gone to the dogs

  6. I agree with the negative comments. This post was obviously eye-candy to mock the fools thinking they can spend between $30 - $60 in today's equivalent to get an inflatable Helga or Wendy that you can make love to a REAL Helga or Wendy... as if.
    Frankly, Ella Fitzgerald and 40's big hair were much more spank-worthy than this sea-monkey level mockery.
    I plan to register my complaints to Facebook forthwith - so they purge any mentions of this site, as it is absolutely ruining the amazing quality standards found on their august pages.

  7. After sharing this thread to my friends on Facebook, I was quickly corrected and must apologize for my previous post. I falsely stated "sea-monkeys" instead of "x-ray specs".
    Sea-Monkeys were, in fact, a real underwater kingdom. My uncle (not really, we just call him that) pointed out my error and stated he is still trying to use his x-ray specs to see through the polymers of his neighbor's swimsuit.
    My truest apologies to those sea-monkey fans I offended. I stand beside all other statements in my previous post.

  8. I'm real late, but this post is great! So many complaints, when you can just fuck off to another of the 1000s of vintage photo websites out there. Begone!


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