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April 23, 2020

Lovely Pics of Young Deborah Walley in the 1960s

Born 1941 in Bridgeport, Connecticut, American actress Deborah Walley was discovered by agent Joyce Selznick in a performance in a production of Anton Chekov's Three Sisters. This led her to make her Hollywood film debut as Gidget in 1961's Gidget Goes Hawaiian. The film was popular and established Walley as a name among teenage fans.

Walley's work in Gidget Goes Hawaiian brought her the Photoplay Gold Medal Award for Favorite Female Newcomer. She was named Photoplay magazine's ‘Most Popular Actress of 1961’.

Disney hired Walley to play an ingenue in two comedies, Bon Voyage! (1962) and Summer Magic (1963); she sang in the latter.

Walley signed a contract with AIP who cast her as a female lead in some comedies Beach Blanket Bingo (1965), Ski Party (1965), Sergeant Dead Head (1965). She sang in some of these.

Walley's later films included Drag Racer (1971), The Severed Arm (1973) and Benji (1974), the latter an unexpected huge hit. She died of esophageal cancer in 2001, at her home in Sedona, Arizona, aged 59.

Take a look at these lovely photos to see the pure beauty of young Deborah Walley in the 1960s.

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