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April 11, 2020

Inside the Dayton's Grand Forks in the Early 1980s Through Amazing Pics

Columbia Mall (Grand Forks) is an enclosed regional shopping mall in Grand Forks, North Dakota located at the intersection of 32nd Avenue South and Columbia Road. The mall opened in 1978, and was developed by the Dayton Hudson Corporation (now Target Corporation) at a cost of roughly $20 million.

It is the largest mall within 70 miles (110 km). Located 80 miles (128.7 km) from the Canada–US border and 140 miles (225 km) from Winnipeg, the mall draws a significant number of customers from Canada.

Today, Columbia Mall houses two department stores (JCPenney and Scheels), a 430-seat food court, and more than 70 specialty merchant spaces. GK Development, Inc. of Barrington, Illinois, is the current owner of the mall.

These amazing color pics from Craig Gustafson captured inside the Dayton's Grand Forks in 1983.


  1. Seriously? Pics of a mall? You'd be better off not posting anything, tbh. :P

  2. Heh...people still think this is a vintage photo site. :D
    Breaking news, folks: This is a data-mining ad farm.
    If you want to see vintage photos, go to the vintage photo sites where this place steals the photos from.
    If you want to pay some Vietnamese guy to track your internet use and sell your data to marketers as you look at randomly stolen pics from other peoples' websites, this is the place for you!




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