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April 8, 2020

Hong Kong at Night in the 1960s Through Amazing Color Photos

1960s in Hong Kong continued with the development and expansion of manufacturing that began in the previous decade. The economic progress made in the period would categorise Hong Kong as one of Four Asian Tigers along with Singapore, South Korea, and Taiwan.

These amazing color photos were found by Martin Snelling that captured street scenes of Hong Kong at night in the 1960s.

Jorden Road, Kowloon


Buddhist Offering

Eastern District

Emporium, Parkes St.

Hennessy Road

Hong Kong Building

Hong Kong Building

Hong Kong State Theatre

Middle Autumn Festival

Middle Autumn Festival

Nathan Road, Kowloon

Queen's Road

Street Scenes at Night

Tai Pak Floating Restaurant

Tai Pak Floating Restaurant

Victoria City

View of Hong Kong


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