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March 11, 2020

UFO Detector Ad From the 1960s (With a 100% Money Back Guarantee)

Remember when they detected all those UFOs with these things? And at only $17.95 it’s a bargain! Runs on one AA battery so you KNOW it’s powerful!

The device is actually a magnetic field detector. While the case for UFOs producing strong magnetic fields is not exactly cut and dried, magnetic anomalies do appear to have been detected in at least some cases over the years.

Magnetic anomalies do seem to be associated with earthquakes and so, perhaps, with the UFO-like lights sometimes linked to them.

Even if it won’t help you spot UFOs, this would be a fun paranormal project and it might help you to detect a quake, or perhaps even a ghost.

Here is a schematic diagram of a UFO detector from the September/October 1968 issue of Flying Saucer Review.


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