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March 14, 2020

Fascinating Vintage Photos of the Felines in the ‘50s

A series of fascinating vintage photographs capture the felines in the 1950s:

A kitten observes a 'No Vacancy' sign on a cat 'house' from an adjacent window ledge, circa 1950. The 'house' was built by Miss Alice Manchester. Photo by Douglas Grundy/Three Lions.

Three kittens in socks, hanging from clothes line, 1950s. Photo by H. Armstrong Roberts/Retrofile.

Three Siamese cats enjoying a meal are reflected in a mirror, circa 1950. Photo by George Pickow/Three Lions.

A circus lion tamer holding open an animal's mouth to show its teeth, circa 1950. Photo by FPG/Hulton Archive.

Three cats, sitting and walking, in ruins (prob. Colosseum), 1950s. Photo by David Lees/LIFE.
Al Oeming with his pet lynx Tonga, at home in Edmonton, Alberta, circa 1950. Photo by Evans/Three Lions.

A cat named Sadler gazes into a mirror in a dressing room at the Sadler's Wells Theatre, London, where it has appeared in stage performance of School for Fathers, ca. 1950. Photo by Hulton-Deutsch/Corbis.

Pierre Clostermann, UDSR deputy, caresses Bai, a young lioness brought back from Sudan, Bougival, France, October 1950. Photo by Michou Simon/Paris Match.

Tommy, a pet lion cub bedecked in elaborate bow, sitting in on a second grade class at Alta Brown School, Kansas, 1951. Photo by A. Y. Owen/LIFE.

Private Floyd Humeston walking pet lion Fagen on leash at beach, 1951. Photo by Loomis Dean/LIFE.

A woman carrying an Angora kitten in her purse at the Rome's International Cat Show, May 1951. Photo by Bettmann.

An old lady with a pram stops in the street to stroke a passing cat, London, May 1951. Photo by Picture Post.

City Animal Shelter Attendant with kitten he released from being trapped in frame of auto after hour and half work, Long Beach, California, September 1951. Photo by Los Angeles Examiner/USC Libraries/Corbis.

Mrs Marion Meyer with her cats, October 1951. Photo by Los Angeles Examiner/USC Libraries/Corbis.

Cats on a street in Milan, Italy, November 1951. Photo by Grace Robertson/Picture Post.

A cat hanging on a thin tree trunk in the middle of a plain covered in water during the flood in the Po Valley, Italy, November 1951. Photo by Walter Carone/Paris Match.

Hawker of kebab surrounded by cats, Istanbul, June 1952. Photo by Roger Viollet.

Doctor Boren's cat licking his nose during the Los Angeles Cat Show, California, 1952. Photo by George Silk/LIFE.

A US Marine feeds an orphan kitten found after a heavy mortar barrage near 'Bunker Hill' during the Korean War, 1953. Photo by Sgt Martin Riley.

A cat looks at diners through a restaurant window near Piccadilly, London, circa 1953. Photo by Ernst Haas.

An ocelot raids a refrigerator, circa 1955. Photo by Sherman/Three Lions.

Cat playing with camera, 1956. Photo by Bettmann.

Woman come to feed many cats, Cannes, 1956. Photo by Jack Garofalo/Michou Simon/Paris Match.


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