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March 28, 2020

38 Glamorous Photos of Classic Beauties Taken by Ruth Harriet Louise in the 1920s

Born 1903 in New York, American photographer Ruth Harriet Louise began working as a portrait photographer in 1922. Most of her photographs from this period are of family members and members of her father's temple congregation.

Classic beauties taken by Ruth Harriet Louise in the 1920s

In 1925, Louise moved to Los Angeles and set up a small photo studio on Hollywood and Vine. Her first published Hollywood photo was of Vilma Banky in costume for Dark Angel, and appeared in Photoplay magazine in September 1925.

Louise was the first woman photographer active in Hollywood; she ran Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer's portrait studio from 1925 to 1930.

In a career that lasted only five years, Louise photographed all the stars, contract players, and many of the hopefuls who passed through the studio's front gates, including Greta Garbo (Louise was one of only seven photographers permitted to make portraits of her), Lon Chaney, John Gilbert, Joan Crawford, Marion Davies, Anna May Wong, Nina Mae McKinney, and Norma Shearer.

Louise died in 1940 at the age of 37.

It is estimated that Louise took more than 100,000 photos during her tenure at MGM. Today she is considered an equal with George Hurrell Sr. and other renowned glamour photographers of the era.

These glamorous photos are part of her work that Louise took classic beauties in the 1920s for MGM.

Adrienne Ames, circa 1929

Alice Day, 1928

Anita Page, circa 1929

Anna May Wong, 1929

Anna Sten, circa 1927

Bessie Love, 1929

Blanche Sweet, circa 1926

Carmel Myers, circa 1928

Claire Windsor, circa 1925

Dolores Brinkman, circa 1929

Dolores del Rio, circa 1927

Dorothy Janis, 1929

Dorothy Sebastian, circa 1927

Eleanor Boardman, circa 1928

Fay Webb, circa 1929

Gertrude Olmsted, circa 1925

Greta Garbo, 1926

Gwen Lee, circa 1926

Jacqueline Gadsden, circa 1927

Joan Crawford, 1927

Josephine Borio, circa 1928

Josephine Dunn, circa 1926

Kay Johnson, circa 1929

Leila Hyams, circa 1925

Lena Malena, 1928

Lillian Gish, 1927

Mae Murray, 1927

Marceline Day, circa 1926

Marion Davies, 1926

Mary Doran, circa 1929

Mary Nolan, circa 1925

Natalie Moorhead, circa 1929

Norma Shearer, 1929

Pauline Starke, circa 1927

Raquel Torres, 1928

Renee Adoree, circa 1925

Sally O’Neli, circa 1926

Thelma Todd, circa 1928


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