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March 21, 2020

45 Fascinating Color Photos Capture Street Scenes of Chicago in the 1960s

In the 1960s, white residents in several neighborhoods of Chicago left the city for the suburban areas – in many American cities, a process known as white flight – as Blacks continued to move beyond the Black Belt.

While home loan discriminatory redlining against blacks continued, the real estate industry practiced what became known as blockbusting, completely changing the racial composition of whole neighborhoods.

Structural changes in industry, such as globalization and job outsourcing, caused heavy job losses for lower-skilled workers. At its peak during the 1960s, some 250,000 workers were employed in the steel industry in Chicago.

In 1966, Martin Luther King Jr. and Albert Raby led the Chicago Freedom Movement, which culminated in agreements between Mayor Richard J. Daley and the movement leaders.

Take a look at these fascinating color photos from ZeusMeister to see what Chicago looked liked in 1967.

Woods Theater, Oriental Theatre, Sherman Hotel, Chicago, 1967

Randolph Street theaters, 1967

Apartment buildings along lake, Chicago, 1967

Astor Street, Chicago, 1967

Astor Street, Chicago, 1967

Astor Street, Chicago, 1967

California Zephyr silver solarium at Chicago trainyard, 1967

Casino Royale marquee on State Lake Theater, 1967

Chicago and Northwestern train on bridge, 1967

Chicago and Northwestern train passing alongside, 1967

Chicago city homes, 1967

Chicago city skyline, 1967

Chicago from top of building, 1967

Chicago News building and Bertals store on State Street, 1967

Chicago River with Marina City and Equitable Building, 1967

Chicago view of skyline and parking lot, 1967

Chicken man on Maxwell Street, 1967

Children looking at toy store,Chicago, 1967

City view from Prudential, Chicago, 1967

Dearborn Ave. and W. Burton Pl., Chicago, 1967

Dirty alley off Maxwell St., Chicago, 1967.jpg

El Cap, Chicago, 1967

Eve Arden in Hello Dolly ticket window, Chicago, 1967

Farmers Market, 1967

Federal Savings Bank Building on Michigan Ave., Chicago, 1967

Homeward Bound traffic, 1967

Hubcaps for sale on Maxwell Street, 1967

Lake Street traffic and pedestrians, 1967

Mark IV bus driving over bridge Chicago, 1967

Maxwell Street vendors, 1967

Melody Freeze ice cream truck, Chicago, 1967

Paperboy delivering of Chicago Tribune, 1967

Pipes on a train, 1967

Randolph Street, 1967

Randolph Street, 1967

Shops on State Street at night, 1967

State Street, Chicago, 1967

Terry's on Roosevelt Rd. and Halsted St., Chicago, 1967

Traffic near Damen and Armitage Ave., Chicago, 1967

Traffic on the Kennedy Expressway, 1967

View from 333 North Michigan St., Chicago, 1967

View of Chicago from Prudential Building, 1967

View of Marina Towers from State Street, 1967

Walgreens Drug drugstore on State Street, 1967

Yellow cab and Marina Towers, Chicago, 1967

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