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February 17, 2020

Inside the Volkswagen Factory in Wolfsburg in 1970 Through Amazing Color Photos

The Volkswagen factory in the company town of Wolfsburg had a state of the art production line churning out thousands of Beetles and other VW models.

These photographs were taken by Bruce Thomas that show inside the Volkswagen factory in Wolfsburg in 1970.

The modern version of the war time Kubelwagen was then in production

The upper body shell is mated with the floor pan

The less than successful VW 411 model was also in production

Beetle mudguards in all colors

Beetle tail lights

Body parts travel on overhead hangers

Body shells descending

Body shells travel overhead

Final checks on a completed car

Floor pans complete with engine and suspension fitted

Headlining is hand fitted


Near complete upper body shells

Painted body shells ready for assembly

Part body shells await completion

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