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February 23, 2020

A Ham Radio Operator Using a Teletype Model 15, 1963

Here’s a picture of a ham radio operator using a Teletype Model 15 paired with a Morse key. American ham radio stations have always had the nicest operators in their radio shacks. Picture taken in 1963.

An amateur radio (ham radio) operator is someone who uses equipment at an amateur radio station to engage in two-way personal communications with other amateur operators on radio frequencies assigned to the amateur radio service. Amateur radio operators have been granted an amateur radio license by a governmental regulatory authority after passing an examination on applicable regulations, electronics, radio theory, and radio operation. As a component of their license, amateur radio operators are assigned a call sign that they use to identify themselves during communication. There are about three million amateur radio operators worldwide.

Amateur radio operators are also known as radio amateurs or hams. The term “ham” as a nickname for amateur radio operators originated in a pejorative usage (like “ham actor”) by operators in commercial and professional radio communities, and dates to wired telegraphy. The word was subsequently adopted by amateur radio operators.

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  1. Oh boy, I've never seen an RTTY operator looking like that! Andrew GW8JHT.

  2. This is the shack at W2NSD/1 Wayne Greene's QTH in NH. Pictured is his wife Virginia.In the background is the CE200V which I bought from Wayne in 1972.
    It is still in use here, Nov.2021 !




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