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February 6, 2020

Lovers Through the Lens of Édouard Boubat

France’s most renowned romantic photographer, Édouard Boubat’s photographs are known to celebrate the beauty and simplicity of life, a thread that connects people’s daily life together. Deeply affected by World War II, Boubat’s photography represented exactly the mind of the photographer, as he put it: “Because I know war, because I know the horror, I don’t want to add it… After the war, we felt the need to celebrate life, and for me, photography was the means to achieve this.”

Here are 29 wonderful vintage photographs capture intimate moments between lovers by Boubat:

Bride at the Saint-Roch Church, Paris, 1952.

Two lovers near the Ourcq Canal, France, 1952.

Young couple walking in a street of Chinatown, San Francisco, 1953.

Bashful lovers, New Orleans, 1953.

Lovers in the Luxembourg Garden, Paris, 1955.
Young couple in a field of flowers in Sardinia, Italy, July 1955.

Kurdish couple on the road, Iraq, 1956.

Notre-Dame, Paris, 1956.

Young couple on a moped, Cahors, France, 1959.

Young married couple Jean-Louis Swiners and Joëlle Monnin, 1959.

Couple on the quays along the Seine in Paris, 1950s.

Lovers at the Quay of Hotel-de-Ville, Paris, 1950s.

Lovers kissing under the arches of the Louvre, Paris, France, 1962.

Lovers kissing under the arches of the Louvre, Paris, France, 1962.

Lovers on Saint-Louis Island, Paris, 1964.

Ile Saint-Louis, Paris, 1965.

A couple and a family in Luxembourg Gardens, Paris, 1960s.

Lovers sharing a kiss, Sweden, 1967.

Couple embracing, Sweden, 1960s.

Young uniformed serviceman and his fiancee, Stockholm, 1960s.

Couple kissing at the Cologne Carnival, Germany, 1960s.

Lovers on the grass, 1960s.

Lovers in the Luxembourg garden, Paris, 1970.

A couple in Hyde Park, London, 1970.

Couple sheltering from the rain under a big cape, London, 1970.

Lovers on the Ile Saint Louis, France, 1975.

Lovers of Central Park, New York, 1982.

Beach lined with coconut trees, Salvador, Bahia, 1985.

Lovers of Bologna, Italy, 1987.


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