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February 24, 2020

Terrifying Vintage Photo of Commuters Donned Pig Masks to Dramatize Fight, 1955

It wasn’t Halloween! These little piggies went to Weehawken on March 15, 1955.

(Photo: William C. Eckenberg/The New York Times)

According to The New York Times, 100 commuters donned the masks to dramatize their fight against abandonment of passenger service between Weehawken and Albany. The frustrated commuters were trying to make a statement aimed at Robert R. Young, board chairman of the New York Central, whose railroad proposed to abandon passenger services but continue to carry freight shipments.

Nine years before the drama occurred, when Robert had worked for another railroad company, he covered the U.S. with ads reading: “A hog can cross America without changing trains — but you can’t!” The commuters had their own take on the slogan: “A hog can ride the West Shore — why can’t you?”

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