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February 11, 2020

Lovely Vintage Photos of Classic Stars With Their Children

A series of vintage photographs capture lovely moments between classic stars and their children from the 1930s to 1980s:

Spencer Tracy and his young son John attended a recent polo match at the Midwick Country Club in Los Angeles, 1934. Photo by Bettmann.

Marlene Dietrich and daughter Maria Riva at the Polo Matches, Hollywood, August 1934. Photo by Bettmann.

Fred Astaire performs for the camera with his son Fred Jr. during a photo session in Los Angeles, California, circa 1940. Photo by George Karger/Michael Ochs Archive.

Hedy Lamarr helping her son Anthony Loder with his first steps, 1940s. Photo by Mondadori.

Frank Sinatra with daughter, Nancy, and wife, Nancy, 1944. Photo by Bettmann.
The Fonda family, Peter Fonda, Frances Fonda, Jane Fonda, Frances de Villers Brokaw and Henry Fonda, enjoy a picnic in 1949. Photo by Genevieve Naylor/Corbis.

Barbara Davis Sherry, 3, shown on the set of 'The Story of a Divorce,' with her mother, Bette Davis, 1950. Photo by Bettmann.

Joan Crawford in a swimming pool with her adopted, identical twin daughters, Cindy and Cathy, circa 1950. Photo by Silver Screen Collection.

William Holden on a target-shooting range with his sons, Peter Westfield and Scott Porter, circa 1950. Photo by Silver Screen Collection.

Ingrid Bergman strolling with son Roberto Rossellini jr., Stockholm, 1950s. Photo by Mondadori.

Humphrey Bogart sits with wife Lauren Bacall, son Stephen and daughter Leslie, on the set of 'The Desperate Hours,' 1955. Photo by Paul Slade/Paris Match.

Joan Fontaine cooking dinner with her children, 1955. Photo by Bettmann.

Kirk Douglas using a pole to lift his sons, Joel and Michael, on the deck of a swimming pool, 1955. Photo by Hulton Archive.

Judy Garland holds her son, Joseph Luft, who is photographed for the first time since his birth a year ago, April 1956. Photo by Bettmann.

Dean Martin relaxing with his sons at home, November 1958. Photo by Allan Grant/LIFE.

Debbie Reynolds finds time for a bit of hi-jinx with daughter Carrie, age 2-12, on the 20th Century Fox set of 'Say One for Me,' February 1959. Photo by Bettmann.

Tony Curtis and Janet Leigh with their children Kelly Curtis and and younger daughter Jamie Lee Curtis, 1959. Photo by Richard C. Miller.

Prince Rainier and Princess Grace hold their children, Prince Albert and Princess Caroline, while building a snowman at the ski resort in Schönried, Gstaad, 1960. Photo by Bettmann.

Gregory Peck and one of his three sons attended the Olympic games while eating ice cream cones, Rome, September 1960. Photo by Keystone-France.

Burt Lancaster and daughter at children's party in Hollywood, at which they are hosts, 1961. Photo by Allan Grant/LIFE.

Julie Andrews with her new born baby daughter, Emma, November 1962. Photo by McCabe/Express.

Orson Welles pulling his daughter Beatrice on a sledge, Klosters, Switzerland, January 1963. Photo by Popperfoto.

Cary Grant pictured with his wife Dyan Cannon and baby daughter Jennifer Grant, June 1966. Photo by Bettmann.

James Stewart smiles as he stands with his twin daughters, Judy and Kelly, while arriving at the Academy Awards, Santa Monica, California, April 1967. Photo by Gene Lester.

During the filming of 'Anne of the Thousand Days,' Elizabeth Taylor sits with Richard Burton while their daughter Kate Burton smiles up at them, Hever, Kent, England, 1969. Photo by Bill Ray/LIFE.

Jane Fonda kissing her daughter Vanessa Vadim on the cheek, Central Park, New York, 1969. Photo by Paul Slade/Paris Match.

Sophia Loren and Carlo Ponti at their home with their sons, Carlo Jr. and Eduardo, March 1980. Photo by Benoit Gysembergh/Paris Match.

Audrey Hepburn and her son Sean Ferrer during the filming of 'They All Laughed,' 1981. Photo by Steve Schapiro/Corbis.

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  1. Actually, Kate Burton was Richard Burton's daughter from a previous marriage . . .




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